Cyber Security Services

Tailored cyber security services that focus on your
technical demands, regulatory environment,
industry dynamics and operating model.

Businesses are faced with external threats & internal vulnerabilities which continue to evolve over time.

The complexity and sophistication of cyber attacks increase, and more organizations will experience these threats. It is important for organizations to improve their resilience to cyber attacks so they can respond and recover as quickly as possible.

Afterburn tech can help your business by providing a tailored cyber security service that which will focus on your specific needs. We will help you understand your potential cyber risks and implement strategies to minimize the impact of a cyber security breach on your business.

The Challenge

Keeping your company data along with your customer’s information safe from unauthorized access. Hackers use sophisticated social media tools to gain access to your organizations data. These tools come in the form of social media messaging invites, phishing emails and other forms of communication. We are on top of the current standards in communication security and can help you prevent your data from being compromised.

The Reality of Ransomware

  • 4000 daily attacks in the US since 2016.
  • Over half of the US companies have seen ransomware attacks.
  • Statistics show ransomware and banking trojans to be the top malware threats since 2016.

The Solution

Our team will perform various tests against your network and end users. We will search for weaknesses and help educate your end users. Following our audit we will get the right hardware in place, configure your network access and ensure your user access is correct and up to date. Routine maintenance and administration ensures you stay current on patches and security updates and routine firmware upgrades.

Ransomware: Endpoint Protection Matters

  • 78% of ransomware came through an endpoint.
  • 93% of phishing emails now contain some variant of ransomware.

AfterBurn Technologies is a Bitdefender Partner

For corporate users: Bitdefender Endpoint Security

Good protection for companies gets even better if it goes easy on system resources. In all certification tests of the year 2016, Endpoint Security proved that it is possible to have it both ways. That is why the BEST PERFORMANCE 2016 AWARD goes to the corporate user solution from Bitdefender.

Bitdefender Endpoint Security boasts some impressive features

Six tests within the year 2016 with excellent test results in terms of protection were completed by superb performance scores achieved by the Bitdefender protection solution. In managing daily routines, the test systems are not slowed down by Endpoint Security, and the product was able to achieve remarkable results also in the test categories of performance and usability.

Blissed Network Security Monitoring | Layered Next-Gen Endpoint

Hardening & Control

  • Application Control
  • Content Control
  • Firewall
  • Device Control
  • Full Disk Encryption

Multi-Stage Detection

  • Signatures and Cloud Look-up
  • Local and Cloud Machine Learning Models
  • Ransomware Vaccine
  • Advanced Exploit Prevention
  • Process Inspector


  • Termination
  • Quarantine
  • Delete
  • Roll back


  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Notifications

Non-Signature Based Protection: Process Inspector

Maintain process score based on behavior.


Convict when process reaches given threshold.


Revert changes made by malicious process.


Never trust & always monitor running processes.


Non-Signature Based Protection: Advanced Anti-Exploit

  • Protects commonly used Microsoft and Third-Party applications.
  • Focuses on attack tools and techniques.
  • Serves as an additional layer of security for unpatched known and zero-day vulnerabilities.
  • Works out of the box and designed for precision.

Non-Signature Based Protection: Machine Learning

  • Patented, mature machine learning models that can predict and block targeted attacks.
  • Designed for precision.
  • Continuous training of ML models using industry’s largest sample set.
  • Local ML models.

Pain Points: The Compromised End Points

Verizon 2017 data breach investigations report.


Breaches involved hacking


Breaches involved malware


Breaches due to malicious email attachments


Breaches involved phishing attacks

Our Security Services

Network Penetration Testing

Not sure if your network can hold up against unauthorized access, our team of professional ethical hackers will come visit your organizations to meet and discuss in person the tools utilized. Once our penetration testing plan has been approved by your organization our team will test your organizations security.

Social Engineering

Is your organization worried your end users are the cause of your security breaches? Look to our team of social engineers test your employees on their ability to security conscious as your organization wants them to be.

Risk Management

Take risk management off your teams plate, allow our team of experts to analyse and generate a report of your organizations risk. Limited the exposure to those risk and mitigate those loses.

Encryption Implemantation

Do you need to encrypt the data your systems, encryption is complex and if not done properly can create data loss. Our team of professionals fully understand the process to implement encryption in your environment.

Staff Training

First step in protecting your organizations data and network is educating your end users. Allow our team to help you educate and create a communication plan with your end users so they are informed. Informed users help prevent security breaches!


Do you need to preform a HIPAA or HITECH audit our team of professionals can make getting through a compliance audit a breeze. Our engineers have all the questions they need answered to complete your audit so that it accurate and correct. Help protect your clients data by hiring a professional to complete your audit needs.

Network / Desktop / Server Security Hardening

Our team can come to your site to scan and review your organizations security policies. We can then make recommendations changes that are recommended to optimized your security strategy.

Security Architecture Design and Implementation

Our team of security experts can any organization to build your technology environment around security.

Data Forensics

Unauthorized access to organization data is becoming a daily occurrence, being able to locate the user who gained unauthorized access is important to prevent future breaches. Our team of experts have tools to track down how and who gained access utilized data forensics. Similar to what Law Enforcement used allow organizations to identify the perpetrator and pass that information over to the locate law enforcement. Making data recovery and identify who’s data was access so that your organization can notify those clients.